2012. április 19., csütörtök

Military parade

Today I decide to count my wargame US vehicles. This is the list:
6x M4A1 75mm Sherman (PSC)
4x M4A3 75mm Sherman (Italeri)
4x M4A3 76mm Sherman (Armourfast)
2x M4A3 105mm Sherman (Armourfast)
2x M4A3E2 Jumbo Sherman (Italeri)
4x M36 Jackson (Armourfast)
2x M10 TD (Armourfast)
4x M7 Priest (Italeri)
1x M26 Pershing (Resign)
2x M24 Chaffee (Hasegawa)
1x M24 Chaffee (Revell)
2x M8 Greyhound (Italeri)
1x M8 Greyhound (Resign)
2x M20 (Italeri)
4x M3A1 Halftrack (Italeri)
2x M16 Halftrack (Revell)
2x GMC 2.5ton truck (Pegasus)
4x GMC 2.5ton truck (Resign)
3x Dodge WC51 3/4ton vehicle (Italeri)
1x M6 GMC (Italeri)
2x Jeep 1/4ton (Italeri)
1x Jeep 1/4ton (Academy)
1x M3 105mm Howitzer (ACE)
6x M1 75mm Howitzer (Waterloo 1815)

Soldiers: 200+ Airborne (Under painting)
100+ Infantry (Under Painting)

Under construction:
Matchbox M3 Stuart
Dragon M4A1 deep wading
Trumpeter M4A3E8 Sherman
Academy 2.5ton truck
Ace M3 105mm howitzer

I am a megalomaniac? Maybe... :)

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